What is Scottish Ramble?
    Scottish Ramble is a two day Scottish festival held at and sponsored by Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.
    For over 25 years it has included music, dance, food, vendors and cultural information about Scotland and those of Scottish heritage.

I want to hear pipes, will there be bagpipes?
     Yes! Scottish Ramble features bagpipes as part of the entertainment.
     Pipe bands typically play on both at the beginning and the end of the day!

Will there be Highland Dancing?
    Yes! Minnesota Scottish Celtic Dance Association will perform.

Scottish food? Don’t tell me haggis, right?
For those who love it, we’re very sorry, but Scottish Ramble will not feature haggis this year. Other Scottish savory items including bridies, meat
    pies, and shortbread will be available to purchase. 
    MacEwan’s Ale and your choice of many single malt Scotch whiskies will be offered from the Pub in the Cortile. Non-Alcoholic beverages, such
    as Irn-Bru, a favorite soft drink in Scotland, will also be available.

I heard there are Cultural Presentations, what are they?
    Landmark Center gives Scottish Ramble the unique opportunity to offer presentations upstairs in the Courtrooms of 3rd and 4th floor on Scottish
    topics. These topics change a bit each year. Past topics have included The Book of Kells, the Scottish Independence Movement and the
    wardrobe of Mary Queen of Scots. Please visit the Schedule page to see what other topics are being offered this year.

Are there children’s activities?
    Scottish Ramble is a family friendly event and we’re adding activities for families and kids all the time.

Scottish Ramble was featured on WCCO TV in both 2009 and 2010!