Competitive Highland Dancing, individual Piping and DrummingPipe Bands, Scottish Athletic Events, delicious, traditional Scottish Foods — you will see and experience it all, plus much, much more at the King County Fairgrounds, in Enumclaw on July30 and 31, 2005. Will you join us for a few hours or the entire weekend? Are you a veteran or a novice? No matter, you will find yourself on the doorstep of experiencing a wee bit of Scotland right here in the Pacific Northwest!

Thrill to the bourdon of the bagpipes and the cadence of the drums as you witness first hand the fine array of talented pipers and drummers competing before judges of worldwide renown. Behold the grace and elegance of the Scottish dancers as they regale you with the Highland and National dances of Scotland. Be amazed by the titans who deftly toss the caber and put the stone, matching skill and strength, against the odds on the athletic field of battle.

During your visit, you’ll be able to sample a wide variety of traditional Scottish foods. Don’t miss the chance to take a break and head over to the Rampant Lion Pub or the Tilted Kilt Pub to raise a glass of fine Scottish style ales. Sit back and enjoy first hand the sights and sounds of the Celtic Arts Showcases as various local English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh dancers, musicians and singers perform. Our featured performers include – Scottish balladeers Colin Grant-Adams, Alex Beaton and Men of Worth, the loud and boisterous Wicked Tinkers,the harmonious ensemble The Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh, and the Celtic Rock sound of Tempest. We invite you to visit the encampment of the Northwest’s premier steel combat troupe the Seattle Knights. Their performances include high-energy acting, and choreographed stage combat using real steel weapons including broadswords, axes, and staves. Also, you’ll not want to miss the Harpers’ Circle on Saturday and Sunday. Are you seeking knowledge of Scotland’s history and lore? The seminar format of our new venue, the Scottish Heritage Series, should aid in quenching your thirst!

Take a stroll through the Avenue of the Clans and the Glen of the Clans and delve into your Scottish ancestry and heritage. Wind through the Hall of the Vendors and observe the fine workmanship of Scottish artisans, and spend your hard-earned tuppence on lovely imported goods from the British Isles.

You and your party won’t want to miss our Scottish Farm with shaggy Scotch Highland, Ayrshire and Galloway cattle, Clydesdale horses, and Black Faced sheep. Complete your tour with the Celtic Kennel as we feature the Celtic dog breeds at work and at play.

Plan to attend the Ceilidh Saturday evening – a traditional Scottish party with music, sing-along, stories and Scottish country dancing.

It is a weekend you won’t want to miss – full of fun, education and traditional Scottish activities, so please join us and enjoy a wee bit of Scotland right here in the Pacific Northwest!

The Highland Games – A Brief History

For nearly a thousand years, clansmen, chiefs and competitors came from all over Scotland and banded together to compete against one another in what is often defined as one of the most rigorous forms of competitions in the world… the Scottish Highland Games.

Scottish Highland Games did not evolve easily. In the beginning stages of these gatherings, the arts of sport and battle practice were displayed. One of the first Highland Games was held toward the end of the 11th century, when King Malcolm Canmore became concerned about the way in which important news and documents were delivered to his highland retreat.

He needed strong, healthy runners – full of stamina – to race against one another over rocky terrain to the top of Creag Choinnich. The winner received a beautiful baldric sword, a purse of gold and the title of the King’s messenger. Indeed, this somewhat rustic clan gathering became what we now know as the Scottish Highland Games.

As the Scots emigrated throughout the World, they brought with them their love of the traditional Highland Games. It was only natural that Highland Games would soon spring up wherever the Scots settled. Today, the Highland Games touch many areas and lives of people throughout the United States and Canada.