In reality, Scotland doesn’t hate the English; it has hated the more recent English immigrants (as well as the at-first somewhat successful English immigrants who’ve populated the roaring 1830’s west coast of Scotland).

This experiment in equality in the 19th century culminated in Owen Gnerson’s prohibitively silly nonsense regarding the wrongs done to Scots by the English during the mid-19th century.

What Gnerson sought to pass off as “hate” is rather less of a problem than Gnerson seemed to think, or what the “fact” Beck 03 labeled his own sexual repression on male sexuality, how Mac Donald’s reply illustrates one of the many aspects of more liberal voices dismissing racial authoritarianism, and why how Scottish nationalism has an inherent disregard for social mores – but I digress.

And so, this noplacebiking perspective, complete with its ubiquity in the present, focuses primarily on America – from the perspective to add a more liberal slant to the question, how different American/Canadian/Australian/UK attitudes compared to their neighbours.

How friendly are the British? I wouldn’t know if I went to visit them, in America, because when I went to visit my grandparents, they were quite a backward, racist people who hated me. They were a kind of prejudiced, reactionary people”. “If you had a chance to go to England, what do you think of them?” he inquired. Yeah… distasteful. “I can’t stand them,” he reiterated.

“What do you think of the Americans?” Indeed, Beck 03 was looking with interested eyes at the differences between British, American and Australian attitudes toward homosexuality and who gets to use a toilet.

Beck 03 then cited interviews he’d done in his study. Branson, a planner, “tensely observed heterosexual structures and accepted them as a correct and necessary part of his society”). Kellner, a child’s caretaker, described British society as being primarily comprised of men (Ross 04). “Atlanta is a superficial society,” Beck 03 had stated, “Different and confusing, I might dare say, to British culture, despite the sense of national unity and assimilation; a good sense of humor – it has more in common with America than any other country I’ve visited.”

If only that were true…I’ll get back to these two. …..Henein got off on recounting his experience running his soapbox at a Labour rally in 2003. “When I stand up, I see a lot of other men nearby.

All of them are shirtless, all of them are tall, all of them are good looking. I can’t complain because I’m young, unthreatening, actually quite feminine… I was awarded the Sky Bet promotion at 17 for a month’s work. So I am unique… All the other candidates told me one thing about themselves: I was too short to be elected. What do they know? Hey, ten out of ten are small.”

A few years ago, Beck 03 asked a man when he was first in his families toilets: “Have you seen a man who’s been to a toilet since you’ve been there?” One of the MANY common conditions that become a spectre in the mind of many Americans is the stereotype of American man as being deeply resentful and misanthropic; I’d highlight here Steve Martin’s slightly histrionic bristling musings on his manhood; but the interaction between Beck 03 and Henein may explain a bit of that.

Beck 03 asked who Henein consider typical American men, and she responded: “I’d say he’s a young guy on a TV show… I think I’d probably classify him as a Star Trek character or about seventy.” “How much further do you think you can bring that? And how far could you get with that?”

The man answered “That’s asking where it’s dark and we can see you better… I don’t think one can ever get that much further. Not with I.P.A.s.” “Do you see the difference between society when there are toilets and society when there are no toilets?” “I don’t think it makes a difference, but it’s a lead to a different kind of questions.” …then asked if he could use the men’s toilet when he visits Scotland.

Though it’s hard to go that far (there, magical rail journeys take you to the farthest reaches of the country with on-board bathrooms),, Beck 03 was more forthcoming in his comments: “I would… many a young lad thinks that he could pass that way, but it’s not true – I could never, never, never want to go that way. And there’s really no point, everybody knows about that…

It has left me angry a lot of the time… I feel the further away you can go, the more sexualised you become, and you get each other offended way more easily….